Chapter 3: The Slyren Artifact

“Oh I see you are awake” (voice)

“Don’t worry, we put you back they way you were before, I think. You can even check the mirror your self” (voice)

Terrance looked at the mirror and all he could see is the distorted clump of stitches and flesh that was now his face.


“Aaaaaaaaaahhahahahha!” (Terrance)

Terrance bolted upright and screamed. He quickly felt his body and face for any changes and was relieved when nothing was changed.

He was unsure of what to do. He is living in house filled with mad scientists, his powers were sealed, he is stuck in this world and he was recommended by those scientist to become the next Demon King. A Demon king who will continue summoning monsters and creature to provide the various races a way to redirect their hostility on other races. A world where it is the survival of the fittest. It could be a considered a dream or a nightmare for people from his world. He remembered the saying “knowledge and experience is power” and in this world it seemed to be the only truth.

Terrance was deep in thought about what to do next until a sweet savory smell wafted from nearby. He moved his arms and legs and was relieved to find out that they were no longer restrained.

He gripped a handle to raise his groggy body from the surgery table and stood up. He succeed and also notice with some relief that the handle he gripped didn’t change into something random.

He walked unsteadily out the door following the scent of food.

“How are you feeling.” Jared asked

“Groggy” Terrance said as he grabbed a piece of bread and shoved it in his mouth, he felt like he hadn’t eaten for days.

“Good, I thought I would have to bury your corpse this morning. Actually, it would become a nice specimen if that happened. But as always. living things are much more interesting than dead ones.” Jared said with a smile.

I could have died…

Terrance didn’t know how to react and just stared at Jared in disbelief.

“So these armguards?” (Terrance)

“They are one of the many Slyren Artifacts. They are things created a very very long time ago. They can only be used by specific beings, it would kill off anyone else that tried to use it.” (Jared)

“It had such a big risk and you used it on me? You know that you could have killed me right?” (Terrance)

“If it killed you then you were a weak existence that would be disposed off right away in this world. The fact that you are still alive means that the Artifact sees some potential in you. It adapts to the wearer and plans out the best way bring out the person’s full potential. You can check their personalized system yourself. Just tap three times on any of the armguards and it will show you some information.” (Jared)

Terrance tapped 3 times on his left hand and a transparent screen appeared. On the screen was the transparent outline of a persons body an arrow pointed at each major part of the body leading to a percentage. All the percentages were less than 3%. He was puzzled by the percentages.

“What do you see?” (Jared)

“I see a percent value beside each body part on an outline of the body.” (Terrance)

“What are the percentages?” (Jared)

“Head 2%, left arms 1.5%, right arm 1.7%, legs 2%, body 1%” (Terrance)

Terrance read out the number oblivious to what they meant. It was quickly followed by a haughty laugh from Jared.

“Hahaha! 2% head, that is the lowest I’ve ever heard” (Jared)

From Jared’s response, Terrance thought that these values meant his intelligence and was offended. He even completed university with honors at the age of 20. Thus, he glared at Jared.

Jared stopped laughing right away and said, “It was a joke. Those values, if I can remember, represents how much of your potential you’ve unlocked so far. Generally, the lower the percentage the more powerful you could be in the future. Anyone who reached 100% in all of those areas can be considered a god-like existence opponent. You my friend have a very long way to go, but with such low percentages, I can see a bright future for you in this world.”

Terrance considered what he said for a moment. It seemed that there is a lot of potential growth for him, but he has no idea what the percentages mean. What would be the difference between 1% potential and 10%. Will he be able to lift 10x his current arm weight if it hit 10% or is there something more to it. He made some quick calculations. He could currently lift about 75 pounds on one arm, at 10% he would be able to lift 750 pounds, and at 100% it would be 7500 pounds or 7 tonnes. Just the thought of lifting that much in the future made him smile in disbelief. There was also the possibility of 100% for his intellect as well.

Jared grinned

“I know what you are thinking but it isn’t that simple to raise those values, people have labored for years just to raise 0.5%.” (Jared)

Terrance’s smile faded at that comment. Logically lifting 750 pounds with one arm is impossible in the real world unless a person work towards it all his life and there is a physical limit as well.

“But, with the artifact, you would be able to work toward raising the values at 10x the rate of others without the Artifact.” (Jared)

At that rate, what would take a year will only take a month. Something that wouldn’t be possible in his world. Terrance thoughts.

Terrance was speechless as thoughts and possibilities whirled inside his head. He would also have to take into account that this world has “Magic.” Something that people can tap into without various cumbersome equipment and turn it into something useful at almost 100% proficiency. With it lifting 7 tonnes with one arm isn’t a dream even 14 tonnes could be possible with the addition of buffs, and magical equipment.

This world felt a lot like an RPG game, with no limits; and he even received an artifact that gave him a head start on everything. Unable to hide his enthusiasm he stood up and said, “Lets start training!”

Jared smiled.

“I knew you would say something like that, we need you to get everything to 5% before heading out. Ness and Elaine I got something for you guys to test with. Make sure to teach him lots of things while at it” (Jared)

“Wait what!???” (Terrance)

He didn’t have anytime to react before two blurs rush at them and he was being dragged out the dining room door; he barely had enough time to grab another piece of bread before he was being forcefully dragged out fo them room.

His children is teaching me what the heck…

“Thanks, daddy. We’ll teach him everything he needs to know.” Elaine said as she pulled Terrance’s struggling body along the ground with no effort at all.

“Elaine, you need to treat him better. We don’t him to perish too fast; lets do it slowly and try to get the most out it.” (Ness)

Terrance had no idea if what Ness said was a blessing or a curse. But the only though that was in his mind was.

What did I get myself into?


Chapter 2: The Dark Lord

Chapter 2: The Dark Lord

“Wait what!?” (Terrance)

“We’re the Dark Lord’s friends a while back.” (Jaren)

Terrance was completely confused, and was not sure whether he should be afraid or relieved that the people before him were friends of a powerful person in this world. Ness reacted to his expression and said.

“Don’t worry we are not things that she summoned to do her bidding. Just some people she knew before she became the Dark Lord.” (Ness)

Terrance looked blankly for a moment before finally accepting the reality of what they said. He barely managed an affirmation.

“Hmm, right then…” (Terrance)

“You don’t need to be concerned about that. It was a very long time ago anyways. Actually, that reminds me, she asked us to do that before she took on the role of a Dark Lord. What was it…” (Jaren)

“She wanted us to find her a replacement.” (Elaine)

“Oh, that is right. I guess that could be a valid reason for doing this for you.” (Jaren)

“You want me to become the next Dark Lord. Who in their right mind would want to summon monsters and demons to kill innocent people as a daily activity, while rewarding those that defeat those monsters?” (Terrance)

“True, she wouldn’t have to do something like that if everyone could get along but, the only reason the people of this world didn’t start killing each other is because of a common threat, in this case The Dark Lord’s minions and monsters. Hold still while I try some materials.” (Jaren)

Jaren placed some sort of metallic object on the palm of his hand, it retained its shape for a several seconds before distorting and shrinking into a plain metal gear before changing to something else again, and then finally just disappearing into thin air. The show was impressive but Terrance was deep in thought about what Jaren just said.

A common enemy, there was no way denying the logic there. Just like how unlikely people band together during a zombie apocalypse or every nation uniting to face a threat to humanity, it seem to be the case with this world as well. Although there should be lots of other alternative, he couldn’t be sure unless he knew what this world is really like.

“What kind of world is this?” (Terrance)

“Sadly, a war torn one. There are over 100 different races and they all pretty much despise anyone that looks different. It is getting better, but several of those races would wage war against the other race the moment the threat of monsters and demons end. ” (Jaren)

It soundly really bleak, a person born in this world either be killed by the monsters and demons that hunt the living, or beings of another race. Even if theses races had a common enemy, there is a chance that they could be betrayed or killed off by a random person of another race at whim.

Terrance was speechless at the dystopian description. But was outraged at the same time.

“I don’t believe that. Surely there are races working together and coexisting right?” (Terrance)

“They are rare, but only because of a common threat. It will stay that way as long a there is a Dark Lord summoning threats for the races to deal with. At the end of it all, only the strong, cunning, or versatile will survive in the this world. There is nothing anyone can do about it.” (Jaren)

Terrance was sure that something could be done, the rational reason for conflict and discontent is the lack of necessities or luxuries. Nonetheless grudges, and related personal experiences cannot be resolved so easily. For a person to form a friendship with another, they need work together to accomplish something meaningful. There should be a way to do it without casualties.

“I see, but I have a way to ensure there are no casualties.” (Terrance)

“Who knows, you are not from this world, so you probably have lived in a completely different world. As for power, you have a lot of power in your hands, even the strongest magic ore loses its form the moment it touches your hand. If you can control what it changes the object that your hand to then you’ll be able to create anything. Elaine bring that artifact over.” (Jaren)

Elaine walked to one of the cabinet, a gold one, and placed the palm of her hand in slot somewhere. There was a flash of light and the gold cabinet opened with a hiss. She browsed the cabinet for a bit until she took out something that looked like a pair of silver white bracelets. With a flash of light the cabinets closed and it was clear that unless the same action was performed by her again. it will never open.

“Wait what is that?” (Terrance)

Upon closer inspection it was a bracelet with a pair of entwined silver snakes engraved on it. It gave out an ominous feeling. Terrance cried out in panic.

“Wait, w-what are you doing!?” (Terrance)

Jaren looked at him an said in a calm voice.

“It is fine, just going to hurt a bit.” (Jaren)

Terrance struggled for a bit in the but was unable to do anything against the restraints.

The moment the bracelet slid on to left wrist, the engraved snake opened it’s yellow-green eyes, and bit into his forearm. There was a moment of pain, and when he opened eyes, he expected blood to flow out but nothing happened. Instead he felt slightly energized, the same thing happen to his right wrist. However, he wasn’t surprised the second time.

When things settled, the bracelet shifted into an silver arm guard. An emerald gem appeared at the top of the arm guard and pulsed for a bit before dimming.

“What did you do?” (Terrance)

Jaren just nodded and then placed something on his hand…nothing happened. He tried the other hand and still nothing happened

“Phew, it worked.” (Jaren)

Terrance stared at Jaren for a response. Jaren coughed and said,

“The artifact suppressed your ability, and gave you some means to control it. It also comes with various other function as well. We’ll go through them tomorrow. It will take some time for it to calibrate and adjust to your body.” (Jaren)

Jaren yawned. Which caused the children to yawn as well. In a sleepy tone, he started walking out the laboratory.

“Are you just going to leave me here?” (Terrance)

Terrance shouted to get their attention.

Jaren looked back and pressed a button. The things that binded Terrance down released their grip.

Terrance considered running away at that moment, but fatigue hit him like a truck.

“Its a….sidddeee…fect…u..need…to…rest” (Jaren)

His word were distorted as Terrance slowly lost his consciousness and the world around him faded.

Chapter 1: Ending world

Chapter 1: Ending world

“Ladies and Gentleman Welcome to Malaysian Airlines MX370, the sky’s are clear and free of disturbances. Please enjoy the smooth ride and all…that….” (Pilot)

The pilot’s voice can be heard breaking up in the speaker.

“Sniff…there is nothing left.” (Pilot)


Nearby chatter can be heard.

“The door to the pilot’s cabin is locked…” (Pilot assistant A)

“Have you tried to unlock it?” (Pilot assistant B)

“I tried but its jammed by something.” (Pilot assistant A)

“What the heck is he doing. Hey open up!” (Pilot assistant manager)

The manager banged at the locked door. Something was definitely amiss.

“Demands are every where isn’t it. Todd do this, Todd do that, give this for charity. I’ve done all them, and what did I get in return? Nothing, nothing but a dead end job staring at the fuckin’ sky for 8 to 12 hours and neck deep in debt that I can never pay off in my entire fuckin life. I hate this world, I hate society, I hate everyone. I’ll see you all in hell!!” (Pilot)

The plane then turned 90 degrees, and the assistants outside the door crashed down the isle. Some collided with the chairs and was knocked unconscious.

The air pressure intensified and he could feel his ears hurting, and was having a hard time breathing. That wasn’t all as the engines started to explode, and the first explosion was right under…


Terrace woke up, and cried out in fear, and tried to move his body but something bound his hands, feet, and body; completely immobilizing him.

“Oh, it is awake.” (Man)

He could hear a person close the door, but he heard bang as the door slammed open soon after.

“Oh! He is wake! Let me see, let me try!” (Girl)

“Egh, at this time. Couldn’t you have woken up at a better time? Now it is going to take forever to get to sleep again.” (Boy)

Terrace heard her grab something metallic and rushed beside him. He felt something cold placed on his right hand.

“Woo hoo, it works, come and look” (Girl)

“……” (Man)

He was speechless, for the entire event. Not sure what was going on he tilted his upward to look at his right hand. The object that was in his hand was changing into something different every 5 seconds.

“Interesting, it didn’t work before. I wonder what would happen if…” (Man)

He hear the footsteps of the man as he approached along with the boy.

“Hey! What is this place? Where am I?” (Terrace)

Terrace shouted.

“Maybe if we do this to it will it still work? (Man)

“I don’t know, it probably needs to be attached to the body to work.” (Boy)

“We could use that device to keep it alive. No?” (Man)

“I don’t care. I want my fresh eggs. I wonder when it will change into it!” (Girl)

“Hey, don’t ignore me! Who are you guys and where the heck is this place!” (Terrance)

He said it louder and finally got their attention.

“Oh, the specimen can talk, interesting. What is he saying?” (Man)

“We should use that.” (Boy)

“I agree, bring it over here.” (Man)

Terrace felt something like dry soft paper placed at the center of his chest. In the next moment it heated up. Then, in a flash of light it vanished.

“I guess, his body doesn’t transform things he touch.’ (Man)

A sigh of relief could be heard from those around him.

“I’m glad it worked, who knows what could have happened” (Boy)

“Can you understand what we are saying?” (Man)

“Yes…Now then, where the f- is this place!?” (Terrace)

Terrace shouted

“Lower you voice, it is the middle of the night you know. Who knows what kind of monsters you would attract with such a loud voice.” (Man)

“Okay…Where is this, and what happened?” (Terrace)

“This is my laboratory, and you were safely brought here after you appeared out of no where and…ah…fainted” (Man)

Terrace was sure he did’t faint but all the memories before this moment was blurry.

“Who are you guys? And what do you plan to do with me? I’m not a damn lab rat you know!” (Terrace)

“What is lab rat? Do you mean those ratmans? We have had enough of those specimens already, but you, you are much more interesting.” (Girl)

They way she said it send chills down his spine. Terrance responded in a panic.

“Don’t tell me you are going to dissect me.” (Terrance)

“I wonder…” (Man)

“Don’t ‘I wonder’ dammit, let me out the restraints and let me go. I have nothing to do with you guys anyways.” (Terrance)

He struggled against the restraints but to no avail. His mind was wondering if becoming a scientific specimen preserved in some gallery would be the way his life would end.

“No, we can’t do that, and even if you did go outside, you would be teared to pieces by the monsters outside at this time. There is so many other things to do, especially when you can speak intelligently. Well almost. You need to calm down. My name is Jaren by the way, and these are my children Elaine and Ness. We mean no harm. We’re just some people investigating all the weird things that has been happening recently in our world.” (Jaren)

“Strapping me onto a experiment bench really supports your claim. Maybe we can talk in a more comfortable way?” (Terrance)

Terrance thought of making a break for it soon after but as expected they were very cautious. Instead, the bench he was strapped on with his palms facing up shifted into a chair that felt similar to a chair that the dentists use.

“Better?” (Jaren)

(I guess they won’t let me off that easily)

Terrance sighed. The chair turned and he faced the family.

The family members closely resembled each other, with their slightly tanned skin, light auburn hair, and sky blue eyes. Elaine, their daughter had mismatched sky blue and light red eyes which stood out from the rest of the group. The children were wearing decorated pajamas while their father what wearing a white lab coat, lined by runes. They were unarmed, but various sharp tools can be seen on a desk nearby.

“These shackles still makes it uncomfortable, can you get rid of them?” (Terrance)

“Yeah, no, we can’t remove them until that power of your hand can be suppressed. It is clear that you have no control over it.” (Jaren)

(One more try…)

“What if I wanted to go to the washroom and eat or something that can’t be done without moving my arms?” (Terrance)

“We have the straws and buckets prepared in case that happen, better yet they are built right into the chair should you ever need them. The button should be around here somewhere.” (Jaren)

(I do not want to see it or find out how and what)

“N-No that is fine.” (Terrance)

Terrance cringed at the thought, while Jared smiled at his reaction

“Don’t worry, now that you are awake we can start working on something to suppress that magic.” (Jaren)

Terrance, could tell they meant no harm. They were driven by curiosity and discovery, and those are the kind of people that can be trusted, but caution is always required. Nonetheless, he had one question that he wanted ask them.

“Why are you doing this for me?” (Terrance)

“I want to see what you are capable of. It is rare to meet an intelligent minion of the Dark Lord” (Jaren)

“You keep saying the Dark Lord who is he exactly? And no I’m not anyone’s minion. Just someone who…” (Terrance)

He tried to remember what he did before he woke up here but couldn’t.

(What was I doing before waking up?)

“Who what?” (Elaine)

No matter how hard Terrance tried he couldn’t remember, and promptly changed the topic.

“No, never mind, there is no reason to tell you guys. Who is this Dark Lord?” (Terrance)

“She is an odd existence. Some calls her a savior and some a tyrant. But generally, it is just a person who is very powerful, anyone who defeats her is the next Dark Lord. But daily activities include, summoning demons and monsters to attack the living, while dropping resources, materials, and gold collected by those monsters for people that defeat them.” (Jaren)

Terrance put on a blank expression at the matter-of-fact description for potentially the greatest evil in the world. He couldn’t help but voice his surprise.

“Really!? Isn’t he…I mean, she an evil monster that is hell bent on conquering the world or something?” (Terrance)

Jaren laughed at the response.

“Sure, for those that don’t know her. We were friends with her a while back.” (Jaren)

“What…” (Terrance)

Prologue: The Dark Lord’s Minion

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Prologue: The Dark Lord’s Minion

As his head broke the surface of the pitch black waters, he gasp for breath.

“The summoning has succeeded!” (Demon)

The hooded demon then held up a necklace, with an emerald green crystal hanging at the end.

He looked at the emerald crystal and his mind went blank.

“Now, pick up a weapon and bring the wrath of the Dark Lord upon his enemies!” (Demon)

His mind was filled with images of glory, power, wealth, and destruction. He was overjoyed by them, and walked to the weapon rack and drew a sword and raised it in the air and shouted with pride. The sword felt light and soft in his grip, he was strong. Or so he thought.

There was only awkward silence. If a demon can look anymore depressed it was at this moment.

“Another failure…” (Demon)

He looked at the demon with an astonished expression and lowered the sword. What was a sword before, was now a yellow fruit.


“Wait, I, t-this isn’t it!” (Summoned person)

He reached toward the weapon rack and grabbed a spear. The moment he held it turned into a rubber duck. Something was definitely wrong.

“No…Maybe this” (Summoned person)

He tried to reach for a shield, but a dark bolt flew at him and knocked him off his feet.

“Do you know how much those cost. Go dig your own grave, failure” (Demon)

He tried to defend but the demon held up the crystal again and the world went white, and the only command that was engraved into his mind at that moment, was to kill everything.


A circle of light lit up the night, in the middle of a forest somewhere.

“What was that?” (Boy)

“I don’t know. Lets check it out.” (Girl)

“Hey, don’t, it could be a monster or something worse.” (Boy)

But it was too late, the boy heard the rustling of branch as his sister jumped towards a tree heading in the direction of the pillar of light. He sighed and reluctantly followed. He knew that his sister was strong, and could even be stronger than him but her curiosity and spontaneity was something troublesome.

The duo swiftly and silently made their way toward the fading pillar of light. The moment they got there they saw a person in unfamiliar attire punching a tree and shouting random sentences.

“Hahahaha, die you stupid tree, feel the wrath of the Dark Lord” (Unknown crazy person)

The two looked with a bewildered expression. By inspecting the area there were various strange objects littered in the person’s vicinity. Objects that they’ve never seen before.
The person then turned and faced them. They were a bit surprised since they were sure that they hide their presence well.

“More victims, die in the name of the Dark Lord” (Unknown crazy person)

The person picked up something from the ground and tossed it at them. They saw that the moment he touched it changed to something white and round. By instinct, they moved out of the way and the round object shattered near a tree.

“Hmm, taste like raw eggs.” (Girl)

“Hey, don’t go putting unknown things in your mouth.” (Boy)

“He is interesting, lets take him home to father” (Girl)

“He called out the dark lord, he is probably one of his minions sent to wreak havoc, we should just kill him and go home before he causes any more trouble here” (Boy)

“No, if you looked carefully, he is just mind controlled.” (Girl)
The boy focused and looked at the person’s aura, its colors were in complete contrast to his actions. What she say was true, but he thought that there is was no point in bringing a mad man. But since, his father is also a bit of a mad man; who likes collecting various things from around the world. The boy could not help but look at pity at the person, who would potentially become another experiment for his father.

The person became even more enraged as he saw the boy’s concerned expression.

“You dare look down on me brats! Feel my…” (Unknown crazy person)


The girl rushed at him quickly, and punched him in the stomach.

Having all the air knocked out of him painfully he lost consciousness. Whatever he held in his hand at that moment dropped on the ground and started sparking. Seeing that the boy shouted.

“Quick, get him out of that place!” (Boy)

“Uhm, alright” (Girl)

The girl promptly placed the person’s body, which clearly weighed much more than her, effortlessly on her shoulders and jumped away from the area. An instant later, a fierce explosion erupted from where the object dropped on the ground, and a shockwave reverberated through the ground.

“Wee!” (Girl)

She said as she rode the shockwave and landed gracefully nearby unscathed.

“You are always trouble. Lets head back. The light probably attracted other people. I hate to have to make an excuse for the Kingdom Patrol Guards again. I don’t even think we should bring him with us.” (Boy)

“Free fresh eggs. Lets head back” (Girl)

The boy sighed and followed.